Happiness to me is striving to make this world a better place, however small the improvement may be. And success to me is when I achieve those milestones of improvement, however small they may be.  

As the striving is continuous, there is no dearth of happiness. Success depends on external factors and is temporary too. Therefore, I continue to strive knowingly and willingly.

I am Anoop Kumar V K, originally from Bengaluru (Bangalore), currently based in Munich. I am an IT professional, Business Intelligence professional to be more specific.

Apart from family, friends, and BI, I am interested in blogging and travelling. I do a lot of self-reflection and also think very deeply about various topics. I don't consider myself as intelligent or smart, I just try to use whatever intelligence I have and do my best in whatever I do. I consider myself as a thinker, observer and continuous learner.

I always liked writing. As a kid I used to write poems and short stories (of course with a lot of grammatical errors which is decreasing - I guess). As I started growing up I was writing less and less. When I started blogging with my technical blog I started to write more, to write more, I read more and learnt more. But I was not sure if I should write non-technical stuff publicly, I was unnecessarily worried about 3 points :
  1. Will anyone disagree with my views?
  2. Will anyone try to find grammatical errors and put me down?
  3. What will people think about me? 
So I always wrote anything (phrases/quotes, poems, thoughts, ideas, etc.) and everything non-technical that came to my mind to my wife and kid's email ids just to ensure that I don't forget it and also at the same time to have the feeling of having it shared with people who accept me.  I had started a personal blog ( in 2015 with some quotes and observations but closed it shortly.

If a risk is not life-threatening, take it. 

Now in 2018, I decided to start writing publicly, thanks to my own quote above. I am taking a risk. I don't expect everyone to agree to every thought/idea/observation all the time. Feel free to criticize my views, provide me your reasons, if your reasons are better than my reasons I will surely take your view too. I don't take sides, have no bias, and I don't want to identify myself with anything.  I look for clarity, I want to look at things the way they really are and not the way they are marketed.  I like to explore more about life by living it to the fullest and by going deeper. 

I think everything is connected, but we don't see the connections, the deeper we go, the more connections we see. 

I have realized that words have power, I would like to use my words to express myself better, to inspire, motivate, to make myself and others think, to rethink a topic from a fresh perspective. I have no intention to hurt anyone's feelings, culture, tradition, region, religion, etc. I sincerely apologize in advance if any of my words have hurt any of you. Please bring it to my notice so that I can clarify my views.

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