Teacher's Day - A Poem

Teacher’s Day

Our teachers should be the country’s best minds
Thoughtfully said one of India’s own greatest minds
Ex-President, Late. Dr. S Radhakrishnan’s birthday
Celebrated grandly since then as Teacher’s day

Teachers teach us Civics, Geography and History
Languages, Physics, Biology and Chemistry
Teach us everything from Algebra to Geometry
More importantly you unravel the life’s mystery
You have the greatest impact in our story
Our respect to you in this short poetry 

We cannot thank enough for your contribution
Can only admire your choice of noble profession
Thanks for always guiding us in the right direction
Oh, remover of darkness, it’s your day of celebration 

Since centuries, respecting our teacher 
Has been a core part of Indian culture 
Kabir Das’s famous couplets about teacher 
Or Guru Purnima, show reverence for teacher 
Whether it is first-ranker or backbencher 
You are every student’s life enricher

I wrote this poem based on a request from my nephew who is studying in 7th standard. A downloadable image is attached below for those who would like to share or keep it as their WhatsApp status. 

Teacher's Day - A Poem by Anoop Kumar V K


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