O nanna gelaya - Kannada poem

Posted on Facebook on Jan 4th 2018.

O nanna gelaya Kannada poem by Anoop Kumar V K

After a very long time attempted to write a Kannada poem based on a demand from my nephew. For those who don't understand Kannada, find below the English version and a rough translation. Thanks to Rekha Anoop for the motivation and handwriting. Dedicated to all such friends.

O nanna gelaya, O nanna gelaya
Helale ondu andhadha vishaya
Thayi, thande, guru, deva, idhalla namma vidhi
Ninnathah gelaya sikkare, nanage adhe nidhi

Nammibbharadhu berey dharma, berey jathi, berey bashe
Namagilla yavudhe bhedhabhava, idhalla bari tamashe
Ninnathah gelaya yellarigu sigali
Namma E sneha yendhedhigu erali

                                               Rough translation ( please excuse mistakes)

O my friend, O my friend
Shall I tell you something beautiful?
Mother, Father, Guru, God, all these are our fate
Get a friend like you, that is my treasure

We both have different religion, different caste, different language
We don't have any such discrimination, all those are just trivial
Let everyone get a friend like you
Let our friendship stay forever like this

Friendship, O nanna gelaya


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