Eyes, Mouth and Nose - A short story for kids

One day, eyes, mouth, and nose argued with each other that they were the most important organ. 

Nose said, "I am most important because I'm the one who breaths, if I don't breath just for a few minutes then we will die. And I am useful for smelling too".  

Mouth and eyes laughed out loud and then

Mouth said, "I am most important because I'm the one who lets water and food inside, if I don't take in water or eat food for a few days then we will not have any energy and we will die. And I am useful for talking too. And more importantly when nose cannot breath I can be used for breathing too". 

Eyes said, "you both are wrong, I am most important because only I can see, if I don't see then you mouth may end up eating poison too and we will die, and nose you could be damaged first if we fall without seeing where we are going."  
After silently and carefully listening to the conversation, ears said, "do you guys realize that you have totally ignored me just because you are at the front and I am behind you. Only I can hear. And eyes you use me to see properly, let me remind you that eye glasses rest on ears. And nose and mouth, have you forgotten that a mask for protecting from Corona is also hung on me?"

Eyes, mouth and nose realized their mistake and realized that every organ is important and that they shouldn't ignore someone who is behind them. 

Moral: Don't ignore people who are behind you. Everybody is important. 

Images from pixabay.com


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