You should wear a mask your entire life

Wear a mask your entire life

Person A: You should wear a mask your entire life from here on. 
Person B: What? No way. Why? 

A: Because of Corona or COVID-19, it's now mandatory to wear mask in most places, so you should wear a mask your entire life. 
B: I understand that it is mandatory now and it is a medical necessity to wear a mask now, but why the hell should I wear a mask my entire life? 

A: If you don't wear a mask, you will not be considered a human. And if your children don't wear a mask throughout their life, they will be beaten up or they will be considered less human and they will not belong to the community.
B: Thanks, and you will be considered a stupid human, simply ridiculous. 

A: So, when something that is relevant for current situation is forced on you for all situations, you feel that I am stupid and that it is ridiculous. But when you do it today, it's the right thing to do. Just look at your clothes and look at yourself. Are you choosing your clothes based on your needs or are you forced to wear those to be a part of a community? Are you forcing your children to wear a certain type of clothes that was probably designed 100s of years ago for needs of those times in those locations, which is totally not relevant for the current location, for the weather, for the occasion?

Do you see my point now? Our previous generations were wise, they did what was right for those specific times, in those specific locations (cities, countries and continents) and for those specific situations. When we blindly follow, without realizing that we are not in the same city, country or continent as our previous generations were and nor do we have the same situation as they had, it is equivalent of saying we should wear a mask our entire life and force our next generation to wear a mask throughout their life just because it is a necessity during these times. Please open not only your eyes but also your mind and see and think. 


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