When AI-powered robots take over the world

When AI-powered robots take over the world

AI-powered robots (AIPRs) will be able to carry out medical surgeries, build bridges, buildings and roads, argue in a court of law, drive cars, trucks, and other vehicles, fly planes, code software, sell goods in a store, serve in a restaurant, manufacture goods, protect borders, fight wars, maintain law and order, write books, paint, sing, dance, act, travel, forecast weather, clean toilets, fix drainage, shoot movies, win debates, play sports, cook food, deliver pizzas, say jokes, and do everything else that we currently consider as a job. It looks like it is inevitable that we will reach a situation where AIPRs will do all of these more efficiently than humans. It looks like it's no longer a question of "if" but "when".  

Some of the things that AIPRs cannot do, for example, are to feel, meditate, pray, bless, enjoy, etc. They can act as if they feel but actually they won't feel. They will not have any morality. Without morality they can be highly destructive too, especially, if they have been trained that way. And as we have seen in sci-fi movies if they are that smart, they will also be able to build an army of them on their own. Once that happens it will not be possible for humans to stop them unlike in movies, which leads to AIPRs taking over the world. So when AIPRs take over the world, what will we do? No wonder people like Elon Musk are saying that AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons - AI is more dangerous than nukes. I agree to that view based on one simple fact that nuclear weapons can't do anything on their own, humans have to act on it for it to cause destruction, whereas AIPRs designed by the evil minds can do things on their own, isn't that the difference between a normal robot and an AI-powered robot? 

What should be our focus now? Are we cutting the wrong side of the branch? 

Note : Obviously my aim is not to create fear  but to make people think and provoke questions. Are we focusing on the right issues? Are we asking the right questions?  What are the governments doing about these topics? How are governments / world leaders preventing rogue states from misusing AIPRs? So, no fear but be aware and prepare.

Side questions :
Can we do something about it? Do we have to do something now or later? Would we even exist to do something later? Do we even have to exist? Does the earth have to exist? Does anything have to exist at all?

Side thoughts :
With that thought process, what use is our current education system? For example, by the time someone becomes an Engineer, he / she is already 21 years old. Whereas AIPRs will be able learn all of it and more in less than a day. A lawyer may take decades to go through the past cases, whereas AIPRs probably need only an hour or so. Interesting times ahead or maybe not :-), time will tell. 

Do you know someone who has all the answers? If yes, either send their contacts to me or send this to them.


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