3rd May 2018, exactly 2 years ago, was a special day. It was the day of PublicBI BIKON (Online Business Intelligence conference), and AFAIK the first ever international online BI conference. On 22nd Feb 2018 I had conceived the idea to organize a BI conference and within 2+ months managed to organize a successful event thanks to many people (speakers, sponsors, etc). First among those people is my wife, who not only had to go through the pain of taking full responsibility of our home and our kid but also had to contribute time and energy to the organizing of the conference to support the struggling me. Among us we spent close to 300 hours in organizing the event, from contacting and following up with at least 200 potential sponsors, shortlisting speakers, rehearsals, tool selection, etc. In some other post I will cover more details of the experience of organizing the event. Today, I remember how we celebrated in the late evening after the event was over. Most of you won't believe it, but let me share it in any case, we went to the nearby McDonald's and celebrated eating a burger each and a kid's menu for my 4-year-old son. At that point that was luxury. We were in a self-imposed cost cutting mode as I was working part-time during that time but the financial obligations that I had committed to earlier during full-time job caught up with us. 


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