Orange seed and Mango tree

A farmer was obsessed with mangoes. He wanted to have acres and acres of his land filled with the best mango trees. He went looking for seeds that would give the best mangoes. A fraudster, who learnt about this farmer's quest, met the farmer and convinced him that God had sent him to meet the farmer to share the truck loads of seeds, given by God himself, that would produce the best mangoes. And then he took an advance amount. On the day of delivery the fraudster came with truck loads of orange seeds. Seeing those orange seeds instead of mango seeds, the farmer was unpleasantly surprised and sad, and when he questioned, the fraudster again convinced the farmer that these are the best mango seeds that look like orange seeds and he requested the farmer to trust him and that he should with full belief without an ounce of doubt plant those seeds. He added, after 6 years the trees, even though will look like orange trees, will start producing mango fruits. At that point the farmer was not aware that the seller was a fraudster so he trusted him and went back to the village happily. 

He started planting the seeds day after day. Looking at him planting orange seeds, when villagers questioned, he tried to explain them but not many would believe him. 10 people believed in him and joined him without pay, 10 others didn't believe his story but they wanted to help him so they joined him without pay, 10 more didn't believe in him and didn't want to help him but they wanted money so they joined him as workers and took daily wage, rest of the villagers everyday gathered around the fields were these 30 people and made fun of these 31 people and had a good time. These 31 people didn't bother about being made fun of, they continued their work. 

Years went by in planting the seeds, the first set of seeds had become full-fledged orange trees. And then as expected by all of the villagers, the trees produced oranges, some of the best oranges, and not mangoes. Villagers made even more fun of the farmer. Farmer was now hoping that maybe the rest of the trees would produce mangoes. But no, every tree was producing oranges, again some of the best oranges ever produced, but not mangoes. The farmer was losing hope, for the first time he was about to curse the fraudster, just then an international orange juice company official met him, and they signed a big contract with the farmer for the oranges and started paying really big money on yearly basis as there were no other orange farms in that state that produced those tasty oranges. Now the farmer became a very rich man, in fact the richest of all not only in that village but across all villages of that state. 20 people who had joined him also became rich. 10 people who had joined for daily wage became supervisors, led a decent life and had enough money. The villagers who sat on the fence and made fun of them all day had nothing to cheer about now. They remained poor, with no food, no job, some died, some now joined the field, some joined the orange juice company as daily wage labourers, cleaners, etc. 

Lessons from the story : - 

  • Even if the direction you choose is different from what you thought you chose, hard work will still pay off in one way or another. 
  • Whether you believe someone and work, or disbelieve and work or you work for money, your work will still pay. 
  • If you sit on the fence, comment and laugh at others' work, in the end you will be the loser.
  • And sometimes in life you never know what happens to those people who cheat you, the farmer never met the fraudster again. The rich farmer was OK with that. 


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