Spiritual but not religious

Spiritual but not religious

Why are more and more people moving away from religions? Why is there an inclination to be spiritual but not be associated with any religion?  Let me explain with a short story.

Several hundred years ago a man in a village found a human-size mirror when he had been to a far away village. The mirror was very clean, high quality, and he could see his full reflection in the mirror so well that even minute details of him could be seen. He brought it home and kept it for himself. Then he realized that as no one else in the village had a mirror he should share it with others, but, he thought, if he would break it into pieces it wouldn't be as useful as it is now. So he decided to keep the full-size mirror in a public place where people could come and have a look at themselves. All villagers thanked him for this and everyone used it for many years. One day one of the villagers out of his reverence hung a flower garland on the mirror. Other villagers felt that they are not doing enough justice to the mirror so they also started hanging flowers, then some started applying kumkuma and other things to the mirror. As this practice increased, it reached a stage that the whole mirror was covered with flowers, kumkuma and other things thereby making the mirror useless as no reflection could be seen now. So some of the villagers who understood this went to the far away village and bought a couple of mirrors and gave it for public use. Within a couple of years, same thing happened with these mirrors too, this time some people also stuck blood from their finger on the mirror. Some self-appointed village leaders made it mandatory for anyone who uses the mirror to stick their blood on the mirrors. Now there were different useless but mandatory rules to be followed to use the mirrors. Each leader claiming his rules were the best even though none of the mirrors were serving the original purpose. That's when people started to distance themselves from the public mirror, at the same time sale of personal mirrors had started, villagers bought personal mirrors and the public mirror was no longer required for them. 

What happened to mirrors is what is happening to religions now. Every religion in it's true form, i.e. when it was started, it probably served an important purpose in the society. However,  the useless things people added to it in reverence actually became counterproductive, it blocked people from using it for the purpose it was supposed to be used. People now have personal mirrors, that is spirituality. They don't need to use a fully decorated public mirror that doesn't serve it's original purpose. 


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