Simplest explanation of religion using maths

What really is religion? simplest explanation of religion using maths

In a classroom a teacher asked the students, if 2x+y=5, what is x? 

[side note : before you read further, please just write down your answer for x in a paper or digital note - please no cheating]

One of the students in the first row who always wanted to be first in answering questions, shouted 2, x is 2. When the teacher asked him to explain, the boy explained, if we assume y=1, then x=2 because 2*2+1 gives us 5. He was very proud that he was the first one to find the answer. A group of students applauded him for his intelligence and without any further thinking became his followers. 

Another boy who always had his differences with the first-row boy, gave the question a little more thought than others, then stood up and said, sir if we assume y=3 then x=1 then 2*1+3 =5. So x=1. He was very proud of his answer because he said everything starts from 1. Another group of students applauded him for finding an alternate answer and for his brilliant line "everything starts from 1" and became his followers. 

Similarly another boy answered if y=5 then x=0 and he got his share of followers. When he announced that 0 has more significance than 1 and 2 because without 0 there wouldn't be any number more than 9, some followers left first two groups and joined this group.  

Now the classroom was mentally divided into 3 groups. x=2 group, x=1 group  and x=0 group. 

The teacher asked the students, can you think of any more combinations? 

The three boys shook their heads sideways indicating there were no other answers and they looked at the teacher in a sense of "why is he even asking this stupid question, of course there are no other combinations". Seeing the three boys' confident attitude everyone else also joined them and said "no", there are no more combinations. 

Teacher persuaded, are you sure?

The 3 boys didn't want to think any further because they had already found the answer and they were sure there wasn't any further combination that would work. Others didn't want to think because they felt that if these 3 top students don't have an answer why would they have an answer. 

Teacher then spoke in a calm and convincing tone, why cant x be equal to -1? I never told you that x has to be a positive number,  2(-1)+7 = 5, so when x=-1, y=7 and similarly I never told you that y has to be a positive number, y can also take negative numbers, example when x=3, y=-1. And similarly why can't x and y be fractional numbers, example x=1.5 and y=3, or x=1.75 and y=1.5 and so on. 

The students now felt a bit ashamed that they had not thought of it this way and that they had themselves restricted their own thinking and didn't use it even when they had the opportunity and ability to think. 

Teacher continued, as you can see there are infinite possibilities. For every value of y there is a value of x that will fit the equation. That's life my children, for every Y(situation) there is a corresponding X (way of life) that will work, when Y changes X has to change, when X changes, Y has to change,  only then there will be a balance, only then the equation of life will work. Situation here refers to a combination of everything including time, place, environment, weather, climate, job, law, needs, dependencies, etc.  

People in the ancient times found some ways of life (X) that worked for them in those situations (Y), they were intelligent, they created what was required back then in those specific places. If we now take the same X and apply for a different Y how will it work? If we have to learn from them, what should we learn? We should learn that we need to use our intelligence to create the X that works best in the situation Y. There are infinite possibilities, and each of us can have a different X because no two people have the same Y.  

Your way of life should be according to your situation. If you lead your life according to how your parents or grandparents lived it will cause imbalance because the times have changed, and probably your location has also changed from that of your ancestors.  If you stick to the same value of X for a different value of Y, you are either at the wrong place at the wrong time or you are at the right place but at the wrong time. Use your intelligence when you have the ability and the possibility. In the past not all had the possibility even though they had the ability to think.  

Something that worked for a specific time for a specific location need not necessarily, and most likely will not, work for all times and for all locations. Understand that religions were way of life and way of life should change with changing situations. All Xs are valid, but not for all Ys. Choose the X that fits your Y.  When Y changes just change X. For every Y there is a X, find your specific X and balance the equation of your life. 

And he stopped. Some students had tears in their eyes, some were still digesting it, some went to shake his hands and thank him, some took his blessings and a very few started thinking.

[side note continues: what was your answer? did you guess that there are infinite possibilities? or did you stop at a few combination? Think] 


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