Percentage of C-section deliveries during lockdown

C-section or cesarean delivery of child
I wonder if anyone is carrying out an unbiased and independent research on the percentage of C-section deliveries during the lockdown period in India and similar countries which had high % of C-section deliveries. I think it will be less than half of what it used to be before lockdown if my thought process is correct that during this lockdown period women are not being forced by doctors to undergo C-section to avoid longer stay at hospitals. Before lockdown, in southern states of India the % of C-section deliveries had reached over 35%. If there is considerable decrease in C-section deliveries during lockdown period (23 March to now) compared to before lockdown then it would be evident that most C-sections were done for non-health related purposes. Why this research or investigation is important? This is a unique period. This period of lockdown was not planned, not known and therefore no preparations done by anyone. Delivery date cannot be postponed till lockdown is over unlike other operations and surgeries. It has to happen when it is due. Interesting insights will come out of the research.

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