Optional dislike button and mandatory comment on dislike

Optional dislike button and mandatory comment on dislike in social media

Wouldn't it be great to have an optional dislike button which can be used by the author of the post if he/she wants to. That is if I as an author want to provide a dislike button for a post I can choose to add it. And additionally the feature should include a constraint that when people dislike it they can't just dislike it, they will have to provide a comment why they are disliking it. The dislike and the comment will only be visible to the author of the post and no one else will be able to see this. This way artists, content creators, writers, etc can post something on social media and ask for honest feedback without being embarrassed. I think this feature will be a hit if launched by any of the giants like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I have requested Facebook for these features on the 22nd of March 2020, let's see if Facebook will add it. 

I came up with this idea based on observations I made while watching YouTube videos and going through LinkedIn posts. In YouTube, there are some amazing videos (for example Ted talks) and some people have disliked it, and I wonder what made them dislike it because I can't find any reason for those videos to be disliked. Imagine the number of hours the speaker of that Ted talk would have spent in preparation and delivering that talk, and all it takes some careless moron is less than a second to dislike it. And in LinkedIn some of the posts that are not meant for a professional networking site are posted by some people, how can we dislike it without hurting the author? We always want to appreciate people in public and criticize private, right? So we can't use comments publicly. 

For those who still didn't get it, let me explain with this example. Let's say in this post if the feature was available then I am able to add a dislike button. And if you dislike this idea, you will hit the dislike button, at which point you will be prompted to provide a comment as to why you dislike the idea. If you don't provide a valid comment then your input is not captured by the system. And the count of valid dislikes and the comment will be visible only to the author (me in this case). This way people can test their ideas, creations, etc, and get honest feedback and we as a community will progress.

What do you now think about the idea?


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