If we genuinely want to do something, it will happen

Here's a proof based on own experience that if we genuinely want to do something, it will happen. One day during this lockdown, I started thinking what am I doing for the doctor community? This community is risking their lives to save others' life. Is there something that I can do? The very next day a common friend emailed that a Munich-based doctor, who is working on the COVID floor treating patients is interested in dashboarding COVID-19 data about Munich. Just a few days before that email arrived I had completed the world dashboard at country level and wanted to focus back on my other work. But, I didn't want to let go of this opportunity to support a doctor, I took it up. Used the world dashboard as the base template and totally customized the dashboard with a lot of inputs from the doctor and now the dashboard is live for the doctor and his community to use. The dashboard not only has Munich data but also covers whole of Germany at city and state level with interesting information like doubling rates. I feel happy to have put my skills to use for a good cause. I now even more strongly believe that if we genuinely want to do something, it will happen. 

covid-stats.de, Germany COVID 19 data



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