How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking?

This post is for smokers only.
Read further only if you want to quit smoking. I'm not going to address the ill effects of smoking or write a big list of benefits of quitting smoking.  

My dad was a smoker. As a kid I use to sell cigarettes as part of my after school work at my dad's shop that sold a wide variety of products including cigarettes. I don't know the exact count but I guess it should be in 1 to 2 million cigarettes that I would have sold with my own  bare hands as I was in the shop from age 4 up until 22. In India we sell cigarettes in loose too, so you actually touch the cigarette and not just the packet.  I have been exposed to smoking quite early in my life as my dad used to smoke and also watching many people smoke in front of the shop. So I have seen a wide variety of people smoking and I have observed how and why most of them smoke. 

Now, coming to the quitting part. 
  • To quit smoking, first try to understand why exactly do you smoke? 
  • Do you have a reason / agenda for smoking? 
  • Are you smoking willingly or are you addicted to smoking?
If you are smoking willingly with an agenda, i.e you feel less manly/womanly or feel inferior or want to get your promotion by hanging out with your boss instead of working hard, etc then go ahead and continue smoking being fully aware that you are willingly smoking with an agenda. When that is the case you should be able to to quit smoking at any point in time, right? So why not give it a try and prove it to yourself that you can quit smoking? Make a promise to yourself that you will not smoke for the next 6 months and see if you are in control or if the 7 mm cigarette is actually controlling you. If you succeed in this test, you can continue smoking as long as you have an agenda.     

And for those who are addicted, do you even realize that you are controlled by a 7 mm cigarette? It simply means that you are weak, and anything and everything can easily take control of your mind.  Do you realize that cigarette is bad for your health? Ask yourself is this the level of self-control you have? Reflect, introspect, close your eyes, meditate, use your intuitive intelligence and make it clear that you are in control of your mind and body. You can not let a tiny cigarette control your mind. Fix a special day (special for you, e.g. your birthday, mom or dad's birthday, or lover or spouse or child's birthday, etc) and announce in advance to all of your smoke buddies that you will quit smoking from that date. And then, quit. That's it. Just quit. Don't get into e-cigarettes or nicotine patches, etc, just quit. 

And once you start your non-smoking journey if you are missing your breaks that you were taking earlier and if you are missing the fresh air then do one or more of the following. 
  • Drink lots of water regularly. Make this as a habit. You will then get natural breaks to drink water and then to relieve yourself. Keep this as the natural reminder to go out when possible. 
  • If there is possibility for meditation, take meditation breaks. 
  • Go for a walk.
  • Take a think break. For example, think about a problem that your country is facing and how you would solve it. 
  • If there are tea or juice shops / counters nearby go for it
  • Is there someone whom you should call? Go outside and make a call. 
  • Solve a maths problem mentally. Example what is 45% of 55? Do this and your mind will get the juice it was looking for. 

All the best. Just quit. That's it.


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