Don't act confident

Don't act confident, don't be confidentDon't act confident, don't be confident, become confident
Almost everyone seems to be saying act confident, be confident, etc. I don't get it. Why should we act confident or be confident? To my logical side of mind, confidence is a consequence. It is a result. We become confident in something when we have better understanding of it, when we are good at it, when we have experienced it, etc. For example, after I had learnt to drive I gained the confidence to drive alone without a trainer. When I learn a language I gain the confidence to speak in that language. Telling someone to be confident or act confident is like telling him/her that he/she can start driving directly on the roads without learning or telling someone to go up on a stage and start speaking in a language that the person doesn't even know a single word. So, don't act or be confident, become confident. To become confident learn, know, and gain experience. 


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