Black or White?

I wonder who the hell came up with the concept of white people and black people and why. Everything about it is wrong. Firstly, it doesn't make logical sense because the people referred to as blacks are not black in colour and people referred to as whites are not white in colour, see the attached image below, unless you are colour blind you will notice that these colours do not match in anyway. Second, why should someone be referred as a colour? Third, when there is a perceived notion about risk, danger, trouble and other negative aspects associated with darkness (no light) why should people be referred as dark or black? That already creates a wrong perception in people from a young age which then becomes difficult to get rid of. I know some Indians who are scared of so-called blacks even though they never experienced any trouble from them. I wish and hope that the usage of colour to refer to people will be banned. If you want to differentiate people (not discriminate) based on complexion then the better way would be melanin-rich (melanin-high), melanin-medium (melanin-average), and melanin-low (melanin-poor). Funnily there are a number of studies that talks about high melanin means less probability of skin cancer, but it is not widely spread message because then how will the fairness creams and products be able to sell?

Referring to people as black and white should be banned



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