Medical services should be nationalized

Can you imagine private companies securing our borders instead of our national defence services (Army, Navy, Airforce , BSF, etc)? Defence is a necessity for a country to function.  Defence personnel protect our country and our people. Defence services don't discriminate between rich and poor, when they protect the country they protect it for all of us. 

Now compare this with medical services. Medical services are also a necessity and not a luxury. Medical services also save lives, day in and day out doctors and nurses are treating people, caring for people and extending lives and saving lives. Of course like in any other field, in the medical field too there are those bad apples, who cheat patients, who discriminate between those who can afford and those who can't, who force patients through unnecessary expensive treatments to increase their or their hospital's profit or to meet their monthly targets. But essentially the role of medical services is to save lives and a large section of the community is doing it as a service. Then why shouldn't the doctors and nurses who are saving lives on a daily basis not be considered as heroes? Why shouldn't medical services be nationalized just like defence services?  Why shouldn't they be provided with housing and other facilities? Why shouldn't they be provided salaries on par with defence services? Why shouldn't the private players be kept out from the medical services? 

Just like there are private security agencies there can be private wellness care centers or private clinics that provide cosmetic surgeries or other services which are not essential.  But the essential medical services should be nationalized. Doctors and nurses shouldn't be paid based on the number of patients, they should be paid a fixed salary and they can also be incentivized to reduce the number of patients, which means they should not only treat patients but also proactively work with the public to improve public health to reduce the number of patients. And every time they reduce the number of patients they should be given a bonus. This is the way to build a healthy society. Nationalize all private hospitals providing essential medical services.  Patients get cheated because there is nowhere else for patients to go, they have to blindly trust the doctor. If the doctor gets a fixed salary and doesn't have to worry about meeting monthly targets there will be no motivation for cheating in the first place. Only those who consider it as service will get into it just like defence services. A fixed salary, housing and other facilities similar to what defence personnel get would ensure that doctors and nurses can have a regular life and not be in the pressure to increase the number of patients. 

I hope someday this thought becomes a reality. 


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