Love and team - most abused words

I love burgers, I love chocolates, I love that movie, I love you all, and whatnot? How many times in a day do we hear these statements that have no meaning attached to it? Every time I see a celebrity or someone on stage shouting out to the audience "I love you all", it makes me think, why the hell is he / she saying that? 

Love is a deep emotion that is reserved for a few. If you love someone you will be willing to do anything for them. For example, when your loved one is sick you will be willing to take care of them. Will these celebrities even remember the people to whom they said I love you?

Why do these celebrities or anyone who says it say it when they don't mean a word of what they say? They could use I like you all, it's nice to see you all or it’s great to be appreciated by you or it's exciting or something like this, but to say I love you is taking away the real meaning of it. 

I wish people used the word “love” only when they really mean it. 

The other most abused word is “team”

A group of people is not a team, a group of people sitting in the same room is not a team. Team is not something that exists only when something goes wrong and you want somebody to blame. Team is not something where you throw your responsibilities and take credit yourself if work is done or runaway when the team has a problem. 

A team is when a group of people share a common goal and work together to achieve that common goal, a team means each member in the team has each other’s back, a team wants to win together, members in the team keep their personal agenda aside and work on team agenda. The output of the team is expected to be more than the sum of each team member put together. Every team member should take the team forward and not the other way around that every member will reduce to the lowest common denominator. Every team member should inspire each other.  Every team member should be able to raise concerns openly and challenge every other team member before a decision is made. Once a decision is made they stick to it. 

I wish people used the word “team” only when they really mean it. Don’t call any random group a team. 


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