FOMO? Come out of it

Are you one of those who suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out)?

If yes, let me explain why you should simply come out of it.

You are alive, and probably will live till you become 70 or more years old. If you are having FOMO for small things in life, what about in the grand scale? What if you are missing out on what life you could be living somewhere else if you were not here in this life for 70 to 100 years? I know it makes you even more bad now, but now think about it, you could live your whole life thinking that you are missing out on something else or you could live thinking what you have is the most important one. So think that what you do is the most important one, and do only those things that you think is important for you, give everything you have, put in your best effort in whatever you are doing, give everything to your life. So to get rid of FOMO, think that whatever you are doing now is the most important thing, if it’s not important don’t do it. If you are doing something, then at the moment that is the most important thing, don’t think about anything else.


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