What is your caste?

Caste system, what is your caste? What is caste system?

In this generation, they shouldn't, but if someone asks you what caste you belong to, proudly tell them your caste, yes, if you are an IT professional then your caste is IT professional, if you are an entrepreneur then your caste is Entrepreneur, if you are a banker then your caste is Banker, if you are a journalist then your caste is Journalist, if you are a labourer then your caste is Labourer, etc as simple as that, your profession is your caste.  It's so stupid and foolish to still hold on to a system that was created for a different era hundreds of yeas ago. Caste was used for differentiation and not for discrimination purposes. People misused it, just like how most of the things are misused, for example see Facebook and Whatsapp, how much of misuse. Doctors are different from Engineers, Engineers are different from Lawyers, Lawyers are different from Teachers, this differentiation is a necessity for all of our ease of living.  Don't turn differentiation to discrimination.  See what is required for this generation. Learn from previous generations, they differentiated based on the type of work one chose at that point in time, and if we continue to use the same names as they used when we do different jobs then it is both foolish and stupid. Evolve.


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