8 years of togetherness

As promised last year, next set of stanzas here
What a roller coaster year, this has been my dear
From travelling to Cyprus, Egypt and Singapore
To moving back to India in namma oru Bangalore

After dad's death, all our plans went for a toss
But you managed it like a super friendly boss
You showed me how much you love and care
Taking up challenges others wouldn't even dare

Can't thank enough for being there for my mom
As she wouldn't let us know her pain in any form
Long distance relationship isn't for us, it's painful
You took it on voluntarily and joyfully, so dutiful

I'm so happy and lucky to have you in my life
I will not ask more from you, my lovely wife
Year after year, your love has only increased
And differences between us greatly decreased

Wish I could gift you this poem while in Thailand
Celebrating 8th anniversary of holding your hand
But the fear of Novel Coranavirus in the background
Blocked my mind, till the flight touched the ground

Now that we are back safe in our motherland
Sharing a bit of creativity before you demand
Thanks for loving, caring and being there for me
For you, I will always happily get down on one knee

This is continuation of poem (7 years of togetherness) written in 2019  https://anoopsclarity.blogspot.com/2019/01/7-years-of-togetherness-iteration-1.html 


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