Social Media has enabled more people to showcase talent

Some people (including myself at some point) are criticizing Social Media for being time wasters. However, one of the most important advantages I have come to realize is, it has enabled a lot of people to showcase their talent. 

For example, an unknown good singer can record a song and upload it on YouTube and could become a very popular singer. Without YouTube, it probably would have either taken a decade or more or the good singer would have remained an unknown good singer. 

A talented employee under a biased boss couldn't have showcased his / her creativity and talent to higher management if LinkedIn, Blogger, etc was not available. With Social Media it is easy for talented employees to only showcase their skillets and experience but also share ideas that has the possibility to reach a wider audience. 

Like this there are many examples. So as they say "Social Media is not good or bad" it is how you use it that makes the difference. 


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