Prince born with one leg

Once upon a time in a kingdom a Prince was born with only one leg. His father, the powerful King, couldn't accept the fact that his son had only one leg but all others have 2 legs. So he ordered his ministers to send people to cut off everyone's one leg including his so that in the whole kingdom there wasn't anyone better than his own son. Whenever a new kid was born, its one leg was cut off.  This became a rule and no one objected (actually no one dared to object). Over the years from a rule it became a tradition in the kingdom, so the people started doing it themselves. Many years passed, the king died and also the prince and his next two generations all died. There was no kingdom anymore. However, the people of that district still continued to follow the 1-leg tradition. One day a young mother gave this tradition a thought and questioned herself why do we cut one of the legs? Wouldn't it be better to walk on two legs? She decided not to cut her new born son's leg. Neighbors and the surrounding community objected, but she was a strong woman, she didn't see any point in cutting one of the legs, so she remained firm on her decision and her son grew up with two legs. He was faster than others, could work more than others, and could help more people. Seeing all of the advantages gradually everyone in the district decided to forgo the 1-leg tradition and benefited from nature's gift of two legs. 

Moral :
  1. There are many 1-leg traditions even in our society. Think, identify and question it.
  2. Like the young mother in the short story you can be the next one who defies those traditions which doesn't fit current reality.


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