From tomorrow I will focus on my goals

From tomorrow I will focus on my goals

Tomorrow :

Check WhatsApp messages
Watch the videos only to find it is useless for you
Reply to WhatsApp messages
Check new messages based on reply
Reply to replies
Check WhatsApp statuses
Comment / reply on WhatsApp statuses

Check LinkedIn notification
Reply to LinkedIn messages
Check LinkedIn feed till it stops scrolling further down or you get distracted by another notification from WhatsApp

Check emails
Take required actions
Reply to emails

Check Facebook
Check out all notifications
Like / comment on some posts
Check FB feed till you reach previous day's point

Check Twitter
Check all possible tweets

Check Instagram
Check out all notifications
Check who is the one with a strange name who started following you

Image result for telegram

Check Telegram groups
Reply to questions
Get more questions
Reply to questions
by then arrives new WhatsApp messages with YouTube video links

Check out the new video in YouTube
Check out the next one that YouTube recommends
Check out the next 3 videos that YouTube recommends

Time now for a break

repeat above session

End of the day make a promise : From tomorrow I will focus on my goals

Sounds familiar? First thing is to realize the mistakes, imagine the time all of us are spending which we could invest into something productive.


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