Apartments in bangalore

As a kid growing up in Bangalore (now Bengaluru) I was informed (the message that was spread around) that apartment concept was very good idea because it would mean that lesser number of trees would be cut for the same number of households when compared to the area independent houses required. i.e. for example in the same area which would have been used for 100 independent houses an apartment building would take only an area equivalent of 10 independent houses thereby saving the greenery in the 90%.  In my current visit to Bangalore what I observed in places like Kaggadaspura is that people have totally forgotten the concept of apartment building. Almost all of the greenery is being destroyed to make way for more and more apartment buildings, there is no concept of retaining any greenery consciously. So now we can see 10 different apartment buildings instead of 1 and therefore taking up the entire space. 


Unless government comes up with strict rules, example - new apartment projects should only be approved if 50% or more area of the apartments project is reserved for trees, it is going to be very difficult to continue living in Bengaluru. 


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