Winning and losing in an election?

Is there really a winner and loser in an election? 

When election results are out, I wonder why a lot of people, including the media, think that a politician has won an election and others have lost. The so-called winner has only got elected as a representative of the people to carry out their work and others didn't get elected for carrying out the work. Where does the concept of winning and losing come in? It is not a race or competition. Isn't it similar to 10 people apply for a job? where 1 gets selected and others are not. We don't call the guy who got the job as winner and others as losers. The one who was selected was found most suitable for that particular job in that given situation. I understand there is difference between selection and election, however there is similarity, in both cases there is choosing somebody to do the job. 

And one more point,  shouldn't the candidates tell the people, "if you need me to work for you, elect me, if you need me to lead you, to represent you, to be your voice, elect me, if you don't elect me".  And provide the reasons why he/she is the right candidate for the job. And then let the people decide.


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