Value intuitions

A month ago I lost my father, there is absolutely no way to fill the void his death has created. But the biggest relief I have is that just a few days before his death we were able to celebrate his 70th birthday together with the first circle of relatives. He was very happy that day. 

I wanted his 70th birthday to be special, celebrated and to be with him on his birthday and to spend some days with him. I had this feeling that he wouldn't live until 75 that we could plan to celebrate his 75th birthday.  So I went based on the intuitions booked the air tickets, we invited relatives, almost all of them turned up. It was quite a celebration, dad was able to meet all of his siblings and other relatives and share some really good time together with family. 2 weeks later he was no more.

I realize now that intuitions should be valued even more than I had thought earlier. 


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