Don't call someone who breaks rules as smart

Breaking rules is not smart
Over the years I have seen at work that some people call someone who breaks the process as smart. That actually hurts me because I too know to break the process and have the ability to break it but because I like to follow the process for common good I don't break it. 

By calling someone who doesn't follow the process and getting his / her work done as smart we are encouraging others also to do the same. These are the same people who then go on to break the rules and laws of the land. And then we wonder how did this happen?

Rules and laws in a country or processes in an organization, etc are created to ensure a level playing field. It is best that we follow it. If we don't like it we should strive to change it such that it benefits everyone and not get into the mode of breaking the rules. 

So next time someone breaks the rules, don't call him/her smart. 


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