7 Years of Togetherness - Iteration 1

7 Years of Togetherness - Iteration 1

I really don't know where to start
So let me just pour out my heart
Even on our 7th anniversary 
You are still as much necessary

They say 7 is a milestone, 7 is very special
For lifelong togetherness, reaching 7 is crucial
Yes 7 looks special, from 7 lives, 7 seas, 7 continents
To 7 colours of rainbow, and all other 7 sentiments

From 7 steps of saptapadi on wedding day
To celebrating 7th anniversary in Larnaca Bay
I haven't changed, your love is all I seek
And continue to love you, all 7 days of the week

Idea was to gift you with 7 stanzas composition
Lack of creative time, forced scope reduction
As a follower of Agile, will deliver in iteration
Here is the result of week-long nightly preparation

Hope I have exceeded your expectation 😁😁, next 3 stanzas hopefully by next iteration 😁


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