Standing in bus effect

Years ago when I traveled to office by bus I observed something, if there were people standing blocking the view of the vacant seats, then those who got into the bus in the following bus stops would without doing their own check for vacant seats just stand even though there were vacant seats and they wanted to sit. 

Note that those standing could be standing because of their own interest or because they want to talk to someone who is sitting there. 

This is what I call "standing in bus" effect. Assuming that there are no vacant seats because you see some people are already standing. You need to do your own check before you come to a conclusion. This is really what is happening in the world. People are arriving at conclusions based on someone else's experience rather than their own. We need understanding that people who have tried before us may not have tried all the ways so there probably is a way that we can try before we give up based on others experience.  


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