Shopping Cart approach could save a lot of time

Shopping Cart Approach 

On your weekly or monthly grocery shopping from your local supermarket, imagine that, before you stepped into a supermarket, you were asked to plan exactly which item should be placed where (within the cart) and in which order it should be placed within the shopping cart after billing, and  to make it slightly more complex you have to plan this together with your spouse and reach an agreement as to which item will be placed where and in which order will you place it once the items are billed at the billing counter. 

Wouldn't that kind of planning and discussions around it be such a waste of time?  Yes, that's exactly how we waste our time in planning too much in detail for something that can change and we just need to adapt. 

Once we have a shopping cart it doesn't matter at all,  you would have surely experienced it, we can somehow place all of the items into it. If there are more, then we can even carry some in hand. So we will manage it. The point is, we will manage, the shopping cart (is a framework) gives us the possibility to catch all.  This exactly is what we need to do, have a shopping cart (framework) which can be used to place everything as it comes. This approach allows us to save time on planning. Shopping cart approach is about get into something (a task, a project, any endeavor that doesn't require detailed planning) with a framework to save time by not carrying out detailed planning and discussions on planning. 


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