Manager's dilemma

Manager's Dilemma

Get into details, you are micromanaging
Stick to overview, you don't have a clue of what's happening
Provide solutions, you are imposing
Ask solutions, you don't have skills
Delegate tasks, you are a postman
Handle tasks, you don't know management
Pass on challenging task, you are incapable
Take on challenging task, you are looking for appreciation
Plan everything, you are insecure
Take risks, you are foolish
Work extra, you are a donkey
Stick to normal, you are a shirker
Good at communication, you don't work
Good at work, you don't network well
Handle escalation, you take all credit
Give credit, you are expecting something
Put pressure, you are a blood squeezer
Defend team, you are an obstacle 
Do this, you are that, do that, you are this
There is no easy way out for you Manager
Understand, learn, balance and optimize

I observe through social media, through talks with people, how they view their managers. Most often people who have never been a manager are the ones who say such things about their managers.  It doesn't matter what the manager does, it is not going to be liked or accepted by all. These above lines are only based on observations. Luckily I was gifted with excellent team members every time I led teams. Currently I don't manage a team. So this is purely to sympathize with the manager's dilemma worldwide. 

A child has not been a parent, but a normal parent has been a child. So the parent should put themselves in child's shoes and it should be easy for the parent to do that because they have experienced it already. Whereas it would be difficult for the child to put themselves in the shoes of the parent because they don't have the context or experience. A manager should put himself / herself in the shoes of the employee. Lot of problems would be solved. 


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