Less Brain, More Google

As a generation we are now depending more and more on searching online about something than making an effort to know it about it using any other technique.

For example, when my car dashboard displayed "MMI is off, operation not possible" my first reaction was "let me search using Google search  to know what this means", I did not think for a second of what it could possibly be. This was the first time I noticed the message. Ideally I should be first asking myself what could it be? And then try to work out that from what I already know. When I do this regularly I will make it a  habit. I might be wrong in couple of cases, however, I would think about all possibilities and it would make it easier for my subsequent searches within my mind.

I have decided to switch on the parts of the brain that were slowly getting switched off. I think it is important not to lose the power we have. 

If you don't know what "MMI is off, operation not possible" means, stop! Please don't search online first. Give yourself 5 minutes and think what it could be. 


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