Usage of Vocabulary should be in balance with experience

Both in personal and professional sphere of life, a lot of damage is caused by people to themselves and people around them when there is no balance between usage of vocabulary and experience.

In the past, most people had more experience but less vocabulary, they weren't able to express all  of their ideas, all of their emotions, basically all of their experiences in a way others could understand. Only a few of them were able to express everything with words.

But now I observe that it has gone to the other extreme, a lot of people use lot of words without experiencing it. This, for me, seems to be one of the subtle and growing problem in the current generation. A lot of people think they know it without experiencing it just because they have it in their vocabulary.


I fall into the category of people who fall short of words. I have quite a few ideas and want to express it, but most often fall short of right words and have to search dictionary to find the exact words.


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