Rabbit don't try to be a Fox

Once a rabbit saw a fox laughing mischievously. Curious to know the reason, the rabbit asked the fox about its laugh. Fox with uncontrollable laughter said " I fooled a lion just now and he is dead ". 
Rabbit :  How did that happen?

Fox : When lion tried to hunt me down, I said, wait before you kill me you should know that there is another lion in the forest. If you spare me for now I can take you to that place. The lion believed me, I took the lion to the well, asked lion to look into the well, and the lion was so stupid that it assumed its own reflection as another lion, and foolishly jumped into the well and died. 

Rabbit also laughed a lot, congratulated the fox and then said bye to the fox and left. On the way another Lion was about to pounce on the rabbit. Rabbit remembered fox's story and tried the same trick with this lion. But this time at the well the lion got angry and just ate up the rabbit. The difference was, when fox did it, fox stood down and let the lion climb up the well fence but when rabbit tried it also stood on the fence and thereby making it obvious that it was the reflection. 

So the moral of the story is, no matter how much KT (Knowledge Transfer) happens, doesn't match with experience. Experience matters. 

Another way to look at it is, no matter how much knowledge we have, execution matters

And another way to look at it is, we have our strengths and weakness, let's not try to be someone else.  

Rabbit shouldn't try to be  a fox


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