Entrepreneur aagi nodu

Happy Karnataka Rajyotsava day (Karnataka Formation Day) everyone.

In Kannada there is a proverb "Mane katti nodu, Maduve maadi nodu",  which literally translates to something like "Build a house and see, do a marriage and see",  the real meaning is something like this "To know what it really means to build a house or to go through a marriage, you should yourself experience it to know it" basically points out that, there are some complex responsibilities, no matter how much you hear from others or see others in similar situations you just cannot get the whole point without experiencing it yourself. 

As an entrepreneur, I would like to add the line "Entrepreneur aagi nodu" to the above proverb to fit to this generation. So

"Mane katti nodu, Maduve maadi nodu, Entrepreneur aagi nodu"

The kind of experience one gets as an entrepreneur, the learnings, the highs, the lows, etc is just too much to explain.


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