Beard as a gentle reminder - sounds weird?

Does beard as a gentle reminder sound weird? 

In the beginning of year 2016, I guess in January or start of February, I got this idea to not shave my beard till the time we have not deployed working code on production for the first time since the team was formed to build a Business Intelligence solution from scratch for our division. Back then I was working both as a Business Analyst and Team Lead of the BI Team (one of the best teams I have ever worked). 

The idea worked out quite well. It's quite difficult for me to explain here because I would have to explain the whole context and some of it are internal details about the company which I cannot of course share. 

Our main goal was to build the BI solution, however, as there was no alternate automated solution or other teams responsible for it, we were also dragged into creation of manual reports, temporary reports, data movements , incident investigations, etc which would delay us from achieving our main goal. So we had to always remind ourselves, our team members and diverters  about our priorities. We had JIRA, Confluence, Excel plan, Weekly Task Sheet, etc where everything was captured yet diversions happened and therefore delay in going live. 

That's when I realized that we really need something as a constant reminder and something that would remind others but in a gentle way about what our real priorities are. I vowed to not shave my beard till we went live. That created a little bit (modest) of buzz in the office, many liked the idea, a couple of them didn't like it, but in the end it created some sort of change in attitude.  I remember one of the colleagues and stakeholder seeing me (bearded me) through the glass window next to the door of our room and then commenting "OK, so you guys have not gone live yet, so you will not take new requirements, right?". It acted as one of the project status indicators. It created a soft pressure on the team too.

But what initially was a creative, exciting idea later started becoming inconvenient for me as I was not used to it, so I too wanted to get there (working code on production) quickly. There were times when I thought what if we take so much time that I grow a long beard like the person in the below image.  Luckily that didn't happen. With all our efforts in the right direction, in April 2016 we went live successfully and that very night I shaved off my beard :-) . It was a huge achievement for all of us. Also it felt nice to be appreciated by higher management for bringing in this inexpensive creative idea that became a gentle reminder to everyone involved.   

So now, does beard as a gentle reminder sound weird? Give it a try and see how it works for you and/or your team and please share your experience.  Of course this particular idea is only for men (no discrimination here, it's just natural) and only for those men who usually are clean shaved. All the best!

Unknown person - Used here only as an example


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