12 Years in IT - Amazing Journey So Far

I completed 12 years in IT on this Tuesday. The first day at work on 24th July 2006 at Infosys is still somewhat fresh in my mind. Me and couple of friends missed the Infosys bus that would take us from the hotel to the Infosys campus in Mahindra City. 

All of us were new to Chennai. Some of us spoke Tamil and we managed to figure out the route to Infosys. We reached the railway platform, as it was first day we were all in formal dress with Tie, I remember one middle-aged man  at the platform of railway station asking us "Ningah salesman ah? Ennah vikkarinnge?" in Tamil which means "Are you guys salesmen? what are you selling?"  

Somehow we managed to reach, but we reached late on the very first day. That was not so much embarrassing compared to what happened next. As we were entering the hall, the HR Head who was addressing 700 others with a microphone, paused, looked at us and asked "Last night's hangover guys?" and the whole hall shook with laughter, oh I can't forget that scene. And no, we didn't miss because of hangover or because we couldn't get ready, we just misunderstood the pick up time, yes really, believe me.

Now the induction was over and people were discussing different topics. I saw HR Head coming out from the hall and I had the chance to ask a question. My first and only question to him was "I will work hard, will you send me onsite? " He couldn't control his laughter, I guess mostly because of my childish way of asking, yet he replied politely. 

Starting from there, to have then worked for projects of companies based in Australia, Germany, UK, US on several projects in various roles from developer to team manager, continuously learning new things on almost daily basis, from Waterfall to Agile, from CRR worry to CRR who cares, from getting awards to even getting penalized for excellence at work, from no travel to visiting 25+ countries, from BI consulting role to In-house BI team,  from Indian global company to German global company, from I want onsite to I want to create more, from employee to budding entrepreneur it has been an amazing journey so far. 


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