Have you faced the issue of "reply all" ?

Problem :

Every now and then you face the issue that someone does a reply all to an email that was sent to a large group of people.

Then you have emails on top that which says "please don't reply all" by replying all again.

Then you have emails on top of that email that says "please stop replying all" by replying all again.

And it goes on. I remember an instance  where I was away for a meeting and when I was back my mailbox was full with reply all emails and I couldn't receive anymore emails. We had over 100000 employees in that organization.

Solution :

I agree that the person who replies should be careful and shouldn't do a reply all at all if there is no need. 

There is also a simple way to prevent it which I use extensively.

When sending emails to large groups put them in Bcc and in the email make a note that says something like this [Note - Intentional Bcc to XYZ group to avoid reply all].

With this approach, everyone receives the email, everyone knows to whom else it was sent and you have to send it only once. Serves the purpose.


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