You are a murderer if you are wasting people's time.

You are a murderer if you are wasting people's time, why?

Life is a certain span of time. When someone gets killed, their time ends. If you are wasting people's time you are taking away a part of their life. Law doesn't call this as murder but it's a sort of murder.

So next time you feel like sending useless whatsApp forwards to your friends, groups etc please just think again. Next time you feel like calling for a useless meeting, just think again.

You are not taking their time, you are taking a part of their life.

See a very rough calculation of how many useless whatApp messages are enough to take one human's lifetime equivalent time.

Let's say a human's life span is about 34,164,000 minutes ( rough average 65 years).

If you send a time wasting whatsApp forward to 20 people, and out of that let's say a minimum of 2 people (10%) send to 20 each, so that's 40 new people (now 20+40), and then again let's say a minimum of 10% of them send to 20 each, that's 80 (now 20+40+80) and so on.

Let's keep it very minimum and say 10000 people get that message. And to read/view that message it takes 2 minutes. That's 20000 minutes minimum wasted with one useless message.

Around 1708 such messages are enough to take 34,164,000 minutes. So every 1708 useless messages is in a way killing one person.

I don't mean to say all forwards are useless. But many are useless.

You may argue, what about the time it has taken to read this post?

I don't have any other way to get this point across about the importance of time and to save a lot more time (lives).


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