Would you hire your Boss/Manager?

Yes, you read it right, the title is "Would you hire your Boss/Manager?" this is the one and only question that I sent out to my Team members (Employees who reported to me) when I was still leading the team. This was sent as a totally unofficial, optional and anonymous online Survey question (screen shot below) with this key note "Just imagine that you in the future will setup a company and in your own company there is a vacancy for a position that your current Manager(Anoop) will perfectly fit into based on his experience and he is genuinely willing to work for your company. Please answer the question based on this imagination or assumption".

My idea was to come up with a quick way in which I can understand what my Team really thought about me. Why? Because everyday I see posts, forwards etc in which Boss/Manager is most often made to look as the bad person. So I wanted to try out a method and share it for others to use. I guess, this one question can help the employees to think two levels higher and help in understanding if the Boss/Manager is actually doing a good or bad job and have right set of expectations from the Managers. And on the other side Managers should be bold and honest, and proactively send such a question via survey to their employees to receive anonymous responses and see the results to understand where they really stand. I think, if someone is in a position to hire and is ready to hire you based on the experience of working under you then you must be doing your job really well.

Results: Glad to share the Survey results (attached below). Thanks to my Team for their time and honest feedback

Note : I led a Business Intelligence Team of 8 people (including 1 external with over 20 years of experience and 1 student, all others were between 7 to 13 years of work experience range). I sent out the survey question to 7 of my team members excluding the external. All 7 participated even though it was optional to participate ( thanks again to my Team).

Originally posted on 30th June 2017 in Linkedin


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