Words have power, use it to your advantage

Words have power, use it to your advantage

Look at the words in the names of countries like United States, United Kingdom (Great Britain). The very word United brings about a feeling of being together, the very word Great brings a positive feeling about the country.

This is exactly what we should be doing when we use words. We should use it to our advantage. I don't mean that we have to pull someone else down or misuse the power of words but wherever we notice that a certain word is having a negative feeling attached to it because of historic reasons, we should stop using that word and start using a word that has a positive feeling from our point of view.


If you are dark, from now, don't describe yourself as dark, call yourself melanin rich or high in melanin. Others probably won't understand the first time you say that, make them understand that colour of the skin is related to concentration of melanin in our body and that your colour is because you are rich in melanin. And rich in melanin means less chances of skin cancer.

Read this Wikipedia article about melanin for more details

In some countries, people with less melanin are referred to as fair (a person with light complexion),  and what is the opposite of a version of fair ? Unfair.  And the word "Dark" has all sorts of negativism attached to it. So, even if someone claims, we don't discriminate based on colour, just the usage of words like Dark already has a negative effect.

This is only one such example, give it a thought and see which words pull you down, replace it with words which brings a positive feeling. Choose words based on the emotion / feeling it generates, Words really have power, use it to your advantage. 


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