Why people actually work?

Why people actually work?

Major categories given below based on high level reasons

Category 1 : Mission - Wants to bring a change.
Category 2 : Passion -  Self-motivated and interested to create something.             
Category 3 : Survival - Breadwinner - No other choice.
Category 4 : Respect -  Social pressure - Forced to work.
Category 5 : Experience -  To understand, learn and gain work experience.
Category 6 : Financial freedom - Can survive but doesn't want to depend on others.
Category 7 : Herd mentality - No clue what else to do.
Category 8 : Don't like being house husband / housewife - need an escape route.

An Employer/Boss/Manager should be able to understand which category an employee falls into.
This will help them to get the best out of the employee while providing the employees with the best possible type of support. Each category requires different type of support. Where employers fail is when they look at every employee in the same way.

For example Category 1 and 2 don't need external motivation, they are self-motivated people. Just don't demotivate them. Category 2 will get demotivated if you ask them to do something else which they are not passionate about. They may be passionate about a certain domain, technology, tool, or application. If organization demands changes, then make them willingly move to another domain, technology, tool, or application. That's where a Manager's management skills comes into play.

Another example - In case of category 7 and 8 special attention should be provided to ensure that they quickly get motivated to work and feel responsible for their part of the work. Otherwise their very presence in the team will demotivate other category of people.

Employees on the other side should also clearly understand and be self-aware which category they belong to.  This would reduce office politics to a large extent. Think through and find your exact reason for working. No category is good or bad. Each category looks good from different point of view. If there are more categories please let me know.


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