Where do you think you are at now?

Dr Sikka's resignation news made me think about positions both at work and life and it resulted in above image. Dr Sikka was at position D, the "Top" position , one of the toughest position to be because, you need to do everything possible to stay there else you go down with slightest push, there are people waiting behind you, in his case looks like there was more than a slight push, he fell.

Position A is when you think you are settled, become complacent, don't aspire, expect everything will be smooth, think it's an easy walk now till the end, and that is what throws you straight down to the Pit (position B). If you weren't complacent & had enhanced yourself to walk on the thin line you would have avoided the pit. Now at "B", there are two ways to look at it; 1) It can't get worse than this so do nothing & end there. 2) Realize mistakes & make all efforts to get out of the pit ASAP, it needs double the effort but you want to get out by pushing yourself to the max. "C" is when you proactively work towards going to the next level both at work and life. Able to find a new "next level" always so that you can remain at "C", Best position I think.

I am confused if I am at B or C. I guess it depends on how we look at it.

Where do you think you are at now?

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