Our standards can be higher than required standards

Our standards can be higher than required standards. 

  • What is the passing mark?
  • What is the minimum quality required?
  • What do others expect from me at the max?
  • What have other already done?

We don't have to restrict ourselves to passing marks or minimum quality or limit ourselves based on others maximum expectation of us or do only as much as someone else has already done. We can set higher standards than the required standards.

Many of us are getting to this habit of doing whatever is the minimum required to get to the next level at work or next stage of life.

Just an own example to explain the above point  - I cleared German language B1 certification in 2016 with difficulty. However, I still feel that my German is not as good as I think it should be, and I decided not to add that certification to my Linkedin profile. I will only add it when I feel comfortable speaking in German.

Don't be afraid to your standards higher than the established standards.


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