Let's not change our accent, let's deliver content

Let's not change our accent, let's deliver content

Similar to previous post about changing names, there is a growing trend where some people try to fake accents. I don't understand why people change accent when they speak? Why not speak with natural accent? Why consider one accent superior and another inferior?

As we grow up, we pick up an accent based on our location, our schooling, our interactions with people etc. This is natural. If it's Indian or Italian or Spanish accent, let it be. Why try to change to US or UK accent. You were neither born there nor raised there, then why try to fake an accent?

For example in India, people from different states have different accents, and I find nothing wrong in that. I realized this when I moved to the UK in 2009. People from Birmingham in the UK speak with different accent compared to people from Manchester. These people are native English speakers and they speak with the accent based on where they were raised.

Growing up in Bangalore, during university times, I too have made light fun of friends speaking with region specific accents. But from the day I realized my mistake I have stopped making fun of people's accent.

Give it a thought. Let's forget accent, let's focus on the content.


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