Is Bangalore’s Traffic situation making us waste over 100 billion rupees on Fuel?

I bought a car recently in Munich and I noticed that my car dashboard shows that if I drive smoothly with not many traffic signals/other stops I can travel 100 KM with 6.5 liters of petrol. And comparing this with a drive where I have to stop many times, go in first gear for longer duration then I can travel 100 KM with 10 liters of Petrol.

Noticing this simple thing triggered a thought in my mind, how much fuel is wasted in Bangalore (now Bengaluru) because of the traffic mess?

I did a simple and rough calculation (given below) and the numbers aren’t making me happy. Has anyone done any research on this area? Is my calculation totally away from reality? any thoughts? If the rough calculations are near reality, does anyone know if someone is doing something to improve the situation?

Simple and rough calculation details below

In Munich with far less traffic compared to Bangalore if there is a difference of 3.5 liters of petrol for 100 KM travel then for easy calculations I will assume that on an average every vehicle in Bangalore consumes 5 liters of more fuel than required in a Week for travelling 100 KM or more.

So , 6 M * 5 = 30 M Liters of fuel wasted per week, based on assumption that there are approximately 6 Million vehicles in Bangalore.

and that’s 1560 M Liters of fuel ( 30*52) wasted per Year

Considering average price of 70 INR per litre of fuel, that’s 109,200, 000,000 Rupees per year wasted on fuel. If you think 5 liters is too much or too less just replace it with what you think/know is right and check the figures. Even if we consider 2 liters wasted per week per vehicle it's more than 500 Million Rupees just wasted per week and over 40 Billion Rupees wasted per year.

This is just the calculation of money wasted on fuel and I am completely excluding all other consequences of the traffic situation like accidents, lost lives, time loss, productivity loss/reduction, the stress people go through, damages to vehicles, pollution level increase etc.

First posted on quora on April 3rd 2017.


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