How to decide good or bad?

How to decide if something is good or bad
No rules, no laws, no books, nothing outside of us can really tell us whether anything and everything is good or bad. Only way to decide is to consider our self as the recipient. 

Written in April 2015, published on (now deleted)

When you consider yourself as the recipient of an action that you are about to do which will impact other person you will know whether what you are doing is good or bad.

It is not easy as it looks. You need to look at it from every possible angle.

For example, you are driving a car, a child, out of ignorance, is waiting to cross the road from your left side to your right side in a non-pedestrian zone. Should you stop the car and let the child cross the road?

You stop and you believe you did a good deed.

Child tries to cross the road because you stopped.

Another vehicle coming behind you in the right lane hits the child because the signal was clear for the car and the driver was not expecting a pedestrian in a non-pedestrian zone. Who is responsible now?

You or other car driver or the child or the parents or the child?

So don't believe  that you are doing a good deed when you are doing an action without considering all the consequences. 


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