Germany - Life on Wheels

The first picture that comes to my mind when I think about Germany is a Wheel. It's wheels, wheels and wheels everywhere and for everything. After birth you are taken out from the hospital in a pram and your journey on wheels starts right from birth. Everywhere, if you look around, in almost everything there are wheels and not just in the well known brands like Audi, Benz, BMW, Porsche and VWs but also in simple things like garbage boxes to shopping trolleys , from roller skates to mobility scooters. Not that other countries don’t have these but I guess the scale at which wheels are used here is probably unmatched. I guess, if not already created, soon Germany will come up with wheels for coffins too.

I like wheels, in a way it symbolizes moving forward speedily with least friction.

Posted in Quora on April 2nd 2017.


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