Germans through an Indian eye - A poem

Germans through an Indian eye  

We shop at Lidl, Rewe or Aldi
Drive Benz, BMW or Audi
We strictly follow all the rules
Be on time for all schedules

We drop kids at Kindergarten
Meet our friends at Biergarten
We drink Helles, Weiss or Radler
One out of 3 is a footballer

We're ready for all weather
Treat alien also like our brother
We like being healthy and fit
Run even when it's snow and grit

Our dogs don't bark, kids don't cry
Cars don't honk, even rain doesn't try
Our almost everything is on wheel
You can't imagine it's such a good feel

We speak English fluently
When we claim only a little bit
We know to say no politely
And where exactly is our limit

We aren't shy to say, I don't know
On the face, sarcasm is not our friend
We'll tell you what you should know
Whether stranger, colleague or friend

Our breakfast is from bakery
Public transport is luxury
Flea market is not secondary
Our work is our love for country

Germans through an Indian eye - A poem about Germans by an Indian

Disclaimer :

Please note that the above poem is based on my observations and interactions with German friends and colleagues. It is not meant to be comprehensive and hence doesn't cover all the aspects and examples. For example I didn't mention VW (Volkswagen) in the cars line, for simple reason that it doesn't rhyme well in the poem. After having lived in Germany for more than 5 years I wanted to share my observations and also highlight the fact that there is a lot to learn from Germany and from Germans. For those who don't understand the line about wheel see my previous post Germany - Life on Wheels

The poem is titled Germans through an Indian eye (not eyes intentionally because one eye is focused on India while the other is observing and learning from Germany). 

If you need explanation for any of the lines let me know. Happy to provide.


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